Being timid and shy is not who you are! Stop it!

“When you are really in alignment your inspiration is so strong that you just blurt it out.

And what Esther’s noticing…In her clarity she’s more forthright in her conversation. And sometimes… after the fact… she’ll say to herself: 
„maybe I shouldn’t have said that ?“

And we say…What’s the point of guidance if you’re not gonna follow it ?

If you feel an impulse to say something, say it !!!

Because your Inner Being isn’t saying:
„Say this, because they’re ready to hear it“

Your Inner Being is saying:
„Say this, because you’re ready to say it“. It’s not your problem if they’re not ready to hear it !

That’ll make you timid! That’ll make you timid !!! If you’re evaluating the things that you’re inspired to be and do and have and say by other’s reaction to it. You see ?

People have trained you into shyness in some ways with their lack of alignment.

But that was then… this is now ! You all now know how to feel better.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

There is nothing to worry about, ever

“You will get to the point where you will wonder why you were ever worried about anything ever.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

When you see someone behaving like a jerk YOU are out of alignment!

“What most of you think unconditional love means is, you see that jerk, doing something ridiculously awful, and you say: “I love him.”

Because, by the time he feels like a jerk to you, YOU are wobbling. And YOU are  NOT in a place of unconditional love.”

Abraham Hicks

But my mate is making a choice that I think is really bad for him!

Alright, so you have been practicing feeling good conditionally – now you feel the trap in it and you want to reach for feeling good unconditionally. That is a brilliant start! Go very general. 

Do you believe that every one creates their own reality? Do you believe that every single thing that happens to every single person is because of the vibration that person is emanating? Do you get it that there are only perfect matches to vibration no matter what is going on – and that is a good thing! We are all in 100% control of our vibration and therefor what comes to us since we are the only ones who think and feel for ourselves ..

It is NOT your job to find alignment for someone else, nor can you. It is THEIR individual work. Your work is to find YOUR alignment, find ways to feel good regardless the conditions.

You can show love to your body in millions of ways! No right or wrong! It has to do with your beliefs and desires. One person with cancer might believe chemo or surgery is the best way to go – then they believe in the choice they take which brings them relief and the relief cause them to allow more wellness. No right or wrong. Another person might believe certain food or herbs is the right choice for them and so they are in alignment with their choice and feel relief… the choice and action is irrelevant. The alignment with the choice is the key! Pushing against the choice and pointing out why it is wrong is the opoosite of that, it is resistance.

Relax. It will be ok! Allow others to make the choices and take the actions that feel best to them – it is about their beliefs and desires. No right or wrong.

How to fix your issue

“When you are trying to fix it out there in the conditions usually you don’t make it better, you make it worse. And you can tell you’re making it worse because you’re feeling effort, you’re trying harder, you’re working harder, you’re making more phone calls, you’re feeling more frustrated, you’re feeling more defeated. 

So what we want you to hear from us is that you don’t have to fix it by solving those conditions, those conditions will evaporate by lack of airtime, by lack of attention. You can replace that vibration easily if you will do it unconditionally. So that means you just ask yourself some questions that are not based upon the conditions. 

(…)These questions are based on no condition:
Would you rather feel free or bound?
Would you rather feel clarity or confusion?
We know these are stupid questions but feel how unconditional they are.
Would you rather feel happy or sad?
Would you rather feel engaged or bored?
Would you rather feel momentum or stagnation?
Would you rather feel energized or lethargic?
Would you rather feel eager or discouraged?
Would you rather feel energized or enervated?

So, we know these are simple questions that seem to have no relationship to the conditions that you need to solve, but these are unconditional questions, these questions don’t… you don’t need to fix any condition.

(…)So, let’s just play with this for just a little bit.You like clarity or confusion?
Clarity, so just focus on clarity for a minute, feel clarity, just think about what clarity means, you don’t even have to think about a situation where you felt greater clarity,

Just asking yourself: Would you rather be too hot or comfortable? Would you rather be all bold up and tense or would you rather be relaxed? You see what we’re getting at?

As you ask these unconditionally motivated questions but you do focus, it’s like a form of meditation; you focused yourself into the vibration of your Source. Now that you’ve focused yourself into the vibration of your Source, now everything in your life is adjusting. You can’t see it yet because it’s early on but everything is adjusting to this new found frequency because, hear this, for the first time in a long time you offered a frequency unconditionally.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

How to find your path

“So, not only do you become aware of where the path is, you see, here’s the thing, you’re gonna like this-
and whether you do or not, we do:

You’re not looking for the path.

You’re creating an atmosphere so that the path can come to you. 

You’re creating an atmosphere so that the path shows itself to you. 

And, if it doesn’t feel like it’s showing itself to you, it’s for one reason and one reason only: You’re out there in the conditions, you’re out there in the weeds, you got your vibration all balled up, and even though the Source within you is lighting up all kinds of things, you’ve got so much contradiction going
in your vibration- because of all the conditions that you’re trying to examine and control. 

Where a little conversation like the one we just had will resolve all of that vibrational contradiction with in you,
and then a piece of the path will be right there. 

You’ll say, “That was way too easy, that can’t be right.” “That can’t be right. It should have been way harder than that… because I’ve spent 10 years evaluating conditions, and just 3 minutes finding this emotional stupid game that Abraham is playing. That can’t really be a piece of my path.” 

But once you follow it a little bit, 
you’ll find that it is, and it’ll lead, and it’ll lead, and it’ll lead, and it’ll lead- and then you’ll discover that the whole point of all of it is the path, the path, the path!

You’re not going anywhere. 
You’re not ever gonna get it done.
You’re not ever gonna get it done. You’re Eternal. 
So, it’s only about the path.

So, when you say, “I can’t find the path. I can’t find clarity.” We say, “That’s big. That’s a big deal.” That’s like saying, “I’m lost in my Beingness.” We say, “You don’t have to be lost. Just chill out a little bit and let the path light up, and enjoy it when you step on it.” 

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

Everything that happens to you is because of your vibration, and you can change it!

“Everything that happens to you is created by the Energy you are Summoning and Allowing (or not). And that means everything. What you’re doing with Energy is what you do. You do everything with Energy. You are Energy flowing beings.

Everything that happens to you and everything that happens to everyone you know, happens because of the Energy that you are summoning and allowing, or not allowing. Everything is about that relationship with Energy. Everyone you know who is having every experience that you know is having it because of the focused desire that their life has brought to them, and the state of allowing or resistance that they are in at any moment.

You could have every deadly disease known to man, and some they haven’t even figured out yet, you could have them all in your body right now — and tomorrow they could all be gone, if from one day to the next you learned how to allow the Energy to flow. We really are not encouraging those kinds of quantum leaps, they are a little uncomfortable.

What we really are encouraging is every day being selfish enough to say: “Nothing is more important than that I feel good. And I’m going to find ways today. I’m going to begin my day by meditating and bringing myself into alignment with my Source Energy. And as I move through the day, I’m going to look for opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I’ll bring myself back into Source Energy

If there’s an opportunity to praise, I’m going to praise. If there’s an opportunity to criticize, I’m going to keep my mouth shut and try to meditate. If I feel like criticizing I’ll say, here Kitty, Kitty, and I’ll pet my cat until that feeling goes away.” Within 30 days of mild effort, you can go from one of the most resistant people on the planet, to one of the least resistant people on the planet. And then those who are watching you will be amazed at the amount of manifestations that begin to occur in your physical experience.”

Abraham Hicks, 16/5 2000

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