Get in the mood first, then talk

“(…)the story you tell isn’t creating your mood, it’s because of your mood. Isn’t that interesting?

When we say, “tell a different story,” it would be better if we said, “get in the mood to tell the story you want to tell.”
Because you all think that we want you to tell a different story, to change the mood and change the outcome. Nah.
We want you to tell a different story, we want you to receive a different story.

We want you to receive the story, like you always do, you can’t do it wrong.
You are receiving the story that is an example of your mood, of your vibration. What we are talking about is starting at the earlier stages, isn’t it?(…)”

Abraham Hicks, October 2014

Do more of what feels good to YOU!

“Don’t you want more massages? Don’t you want to put your feet in more warm tubs of water? Don’t you want to pet your cat more? Don’t you want to make love to more people that you are loving? Well, that person you are loving? Don’t you want to do whatever you want to do on that?

Don’t you want to do more that feels good? Don’t you want to do more that feels good? Don’t you want to tend to your mood more? Don’t you want to take care of that basic seed of attraction? -We would, if we were standing in your physical shoes!”

Abraham Hicks, October 2014

Your dreams are supposed to come true all day everyday!

“‘A dream come true,’ meaning… a vibration that once I found non-resistance was realized by me. And so, ‘dream come true,’ sounds rare. They’re not supposed to be rare. You’re supposed to go through life… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true… dream come true…”

Abraham Hicks, 18/10 2014

Find something that is easy to love!

“You are good. Good is coming to you.
You deserve the good that is coming.

Give up the battle.Give up the struggle.
Give up the competitiveness. Give it all up.

Accept the goodness that is in your Vortex. Let it flow into your experience.
By loving that thing. By loving that toad.
By loving that lizard. By loving, by loving, by loving. By finding something simple that doesn’t get you all wadded up. It’s like re-wiring yourself.”

Abraham Hicks, 18/10 2014

A 24 hour positive challenge

Let every thing you choose to say for the next 24 hours be things you love, like, enjoy, appreciate and feel good about!

So when you engage in a conversation with a friend, talk about what you like about what ever the topic is. Are you up for the challenge?  I will do this, starting NOW.  Everything I choose to say will be positive, optimistic,  appreciative, loving, enjoying, happy, fun, and good-feeling. I will think the best of everyone I see, I will think about all the opportunities and the good-feeling sides of things. Starting now and 24 hours ahead.  ♡♡♡

When people don’t understand you:

“When you are talking with someone who doesn’t get you, and you want them to, the answer is not to continue the conversation, the answer is to withdraw into your own clarity, trusting that law of attraction will match you up with those who are ready to hear you.”

Abraham Hicks

Your only responsibility: self-alignment

“Your only, and ultimate, responsibility is self-alignment. And when you’ve got that, EVERYTHING else takes care of itself…”

Abraham Hicks

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