The people who disapprove of you are your best teachers:

Let’s say there were a 100 people and 98 of them were allowing, supportive of you and 2 weren’t, you know that the greatest benefit that you received was from the 2 who weren’t…Because they gave you an opportunity to find that unconditional place…In other words, people who support you don’t help you find unconditional love. It’s the people who don’t support you that help you find it. Isn’t that interesting?

People who agree with you… they’re not helpin’. They’re just reflecting your balance, but they’re not helping, there not helping. So… what’s coming back to you is a reflection of how you’re doing… so, 98% coming back to you that way and 2% coming back to you the other way is a pretty good indication of what you’ve got going on vibrationally, isn’t it?

And, do you think your goal should be a 100%? We don’t…We think you should take it as it comes and enjoy the improvement and feel as good as you can feel. So, let’s say… 50% of them allowing, 50% of them freaking out… would that matter? Do you have to focus at the freaker-outers? 

You get to choose. And so, do you want to exercise any control over what anybody thinks about anything? You haven’t got any control like that. Or, do you just wanna focus… wanna control the direction of your own thought. So, even if it was 98% the other way, it would be fine. Because what they think of you isn’t any of your business…Unless you make it your business.

You know when you’ll really be where you wanna be? When you don’t need to explain to anybody what’s going on...In other words, there’s a sort of seeking of taking everyone’s temperature. “So, I’ve decided THIS… TA DA!” “Takin’ a poll. Takin’ a poll. Takin’ a poll. Takin a poll. Takin a poll. Results of the poll. The results of the poll are good.” You know you’re really there when you say, “TA DA! Take me or leave me.” No poll. “I’m not takin’ any poll. I’m not taking any of your temperatures, only my own.

Abraham Hicks, 9/8 2014

Envision it working out brilliantly and it will

“Just envision it working. Skip over the how, and the where, and the when, and the who and just stay focused on the what and the why.”

Abraham Hicks, 14/3 2000

Decline with age is unnatural – it is nothing but resistance!

“So many people are convinced that their physical bodies are in a state, once you reach a certain stage of life , of steady decline. It is amazing the amount of expectation that is wrapped around that. And it is absolutely opposite of what you’ve intended, of what your cells know how to do and of what Source Energy is supplying. 

You do not need to decline. 

It is only your negative expectation or your worrying about this and that, and the other that pinches off the Energy. 

You don’t decline because your body wears out. You decline because you disallow more of the resources that keep you feeling good. 

That’s all. 

Every single time. 

There are no exceptions to that.”

Abraham Hicks, 2001

Your body will become what you desire it to be, no matter what

“Many of you have come to just accept the way things are because you’re afraid of being disappointed. 

When, you don’t have to just accept anything, you get to choose everything! 

There is nothing that would be denied you in your place of pure wanting.”

Abraham Hicks,  May 2000

You are supposed to be as healthy and beautiful as you desire to be – all through your life!

“You can reduce lines in your face, you can receive a psychic vibrational facelift, you can regenerate your heart valves, you can restore the fillings in your teeth, you can add marrow back to your bones, you can add resiliency back to your joints.

If they can take a cell from your toe and create a whole another you from the cell from your toe, we think that there is enough regenerative power to get what you want, you see.

But you can´t get there from a place of being unhappy with being where you are. Because while you are summoning, you are blocking at the same time.

If you were allowing Source Energy to pour through you in the abundant way that it would if you were not resisting it, you would experience utter Well-Being. 

Your physical body would be in optimum condition at all times. 

You would feel vital and alive and fueled, and eager. 

You would feel like those 2-year olds, who just can’t get enough of this wonderful stuff called physical life. 

You would feel the vitality that would carry you through all the days of your experience, compounding more in every day, because everything that you see, and every desire that is therefore born within you, causes a conclusion that summons the Life Force that
is the eternal fuel.”

Abraham Hicks, February 2001

Be the radiant confident being that you really are!

“Humans have gotten out of sync with their true nature of their being. So much so, that they call the true nature “weird”. -When you see someone confident, what do you say? Does it make your heart sing when you see someone confident? -If it does, it means your tuned in! But if it doesn´t, if it makes you call them arrogant or cocky- if someone else´s display of alignment feels off to you-
it´s YOUR alignment that´s off!”

Abraham Hicks

No matter what has happened, your power is always now:

“Your world would be different, if you felt different. Life is treating you as you feel.

Once you accept that it doesn’t matter what has happened, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, doesn’t matter what’s been said, it only matters what you’re feeling right here and right now. 
This is where all your power to create is, in this red-hot minute.”

Abraham Hicks, 2014

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