Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 25

Today I choose to feel optimistic and positive. ♡

Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 24

Today I choose to feel confident and empowered. ♡

Each time you wake up you can choose your point of attraction

“When you put yourself in your bed at night you can say:

‘Oh good! The momentum will stop in a little bit here and in the morning I’m gonna get it going just the way I want it to.’ “

Abraham Hicks, 06/15/13

Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 23

Today I choose to feel love and playful happiness. ♡

How would it feel to have that thing you desire?

“When you take the time to find the feeling of it, now you’re no longer preventing it from coming.”

Abraham Hicks, 11/10 2014

Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 22

Today I choose to feel eager and passionate. ♡

Can I have a baby and sleep beautifully every night? YES!!!

Today I read a statement from a beautiful woman who is pregnant. She was worried about the lack of sleep that comes with having a baby. I responded:

Remember that YOU can choose what is true for you. It is not true that you lack sleep just because you have a baby, that is just a practiced belief. Do you want that?

I became a mother on the 14th of August so my baby is now a little more than 2 months old and we have slept beautifully EVERY NIGHT since I gav birth to her.

She sleeps like a baby and she wants to have 2 short meals during the night and she falls a sleep instantly after.  (I breast feed her so it is very easy to just pick her up, she eats about 7 minutes and falls asleep during the 7th minute) It is divine!

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