Every individual on the planet is a magnificent powerful creator!

“The Universe is helping every individual in the specifics of their life.

And so, you don’t have to find vibrational alignment on behalf of the masses, because each focused Consciousness within the mass has connection to that same Source.

You are equally tended to, equally cared for—and equally blessed.”

Abraham Hicks, 07/12/03

Being happy is the goal! Yes you can be happy no matter what is going on!!!

“Under any and all conditions, you can
be happy. Under any and all conditions, you can be happy. Under any and all conditions, you can be happy. Under any and all conditions. But happy has to be the goal. And the condition will take a second place to it. And then the happy will cause the condition to morph. 

You have to decide, are you creating what you’re creating for others’ adulation? Are you creating what you’re creating for your own alignment and joy? You just have to make that decision. And once you’ve decided it’s for your own alignment and joy, then you show yourself that, no matter what, you can feel good now. No matter what, you can feel good now. No matter what, you can feel good now. 

And sometimes enough has to happen to make you miss not feeling good long enough that you put the feeling good as your top priority. But it’s our promise, once you put feeling good as your top priority, everything else will fall into place, because you have the ability to feel good no matter what. No matter what.”

Abraham Hicks, 11/2 2012

The only thing that stops you for getting what you desire:

“You are already far closer than you know to the life that you want to be living, to the happiness that can be yours.

Only habits of thought stand between you and the person you long to be or the life you long to create…”

Abraham Hicks

The guidance to what you desire is ALWAYS there for you, but are you listening?

“We know where you stand in relationship with everything that you want. We know where everything you want is! But that’s not helpful because we can go over there and stand by it, 
in fact we do! We can whistle. We can send up flairs, in fact we do! We can make all kind of ruckus. We can point you in the direction along the exact path that will get you to where you want to be, but if you’re not listening, then us knowing is of no advantage what so ever!

We want you to know that your inner being stands right where the larger part of you and everything you want is, and is calling you toward it at all times and the ruckus that we all make in wanting to get your attention constantly. 

No one here ever says :’Well they’re not listening, so we just going to lay low til they wake up’. There is none of that ever going on. 

There is constant attention, calling toward what you are wanting, but you’ve got to be in the frequency to hear the calling. 

So if you wake up and you’re in a ornery mood because you were in a ornery mood when you went to be bed, and when you woke up you remembered what you were ornery about, so you got the momentum going before you ever got out of bed – 
this is not a day you’re going to hear much from us!! Because we not on the ornery frequency!

We broadcasting from a different frequency that you can’t hear. 

And we know you are justified in your orneryiness, we know you are, you don’t make this stuff up, life sucks! You don’t make this stuff up. in other words, you have complete reason to feel the way you feel about whatever your feeling, but we want to talk about the momentum that you keep going,  the momentum you establish and continue to increase that prevents you from receiving the signals that help you to get where you want to be!”

Abraham Hicks

Health and diet – it is not about the food!!!

“There is not one path to Well-Being. You could have lived life and have created a Vibrational Escrow where you are intending wellness, profound wellness, vitality, stamina, clarity. And you could live in an environment where there was an abundance of beef available, in fact pretty much only that, and your Inner Being would, or could, call you toward, and you would feel the inspiration to participate in large quantities of that. And as the inspiration is calling you and you feel eagerness about it, that would be a diet that would cause you to thrive. 

You could live in a part of the world where that is not readily available, where all kinds of berries and fruits and roots and things are what is easily available and as you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on and thinking downstream thoughts, as so many people like that are (and we’ll talk about that in a moment), so the Call of Source would give you the inspiration to gravitate toward that and you would thrive.

It is possible in alignment to thrive under a myriad of dietary conditions. And it’s an interesting thing: we see people around your planet who have far less to choose from – far, far, far less to choose from – than those in the Western world, so to speak, who are much healthier because their environment and the way they approach life is much more in alignment.

So here’s what we’re getting at. Someone in alignment with Source can eat darned near anything and thrive. Someone not in alignment with Source, no matter what you do to try to compensate through your action and through your diet, will not thrive in that way. And so, if you realize that your body is a veritable chemical factory that can extract from the fuel that you give it whatever it needs whenever it needs it, the rhythm of your body knows how to combine these foods to produce different chemicals, if you will – it’s not the best word but the best one that Esther can find – that produces whatever fuel and nutrients that your body is looking for. Your bodies are so much more resilient and capable than any of you know. You have the potential to thrive under amazing dietary conditions provided you are still tuned into Source. 

Now the whole other thing when you’re not tuned into Source, and we want to say to you that those Aborigines, who were healthy before they got that refined sugar, were not affected by the refined sugar, they were affected by the environment that began to consume them as the Westerners began invading their space, finding fault with the way they lived, projecting their poisonous thoughts, not their poisonous foods, and upsetting their Vibrational apple carts, you see.”

Abraham Hicks, January 2007

My magnificent baby girl

My baby is now one month and one day. She is so cute and adorable. She is learning to communicate with us in new adorable ways every day and she is very eager for life.



When she was born she was 3kilos and 49cm, now at the age of one month and one day she is 4,3kilos and 54cm so she is thriving!

Absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love her – unconditionally – and I bless this magnificent opportunity for me to practice loving unconditionally! ♡♡♡

So just by wanting something I have created it for me? Yes! Now just chill out and allow it in!!!

“This is the thing that most don’t understand about this business of creation. The contrast caused you to do the work. You did the work. You put it in the vortex and source is on it.

So now, all you have to do is to be in a place where you are not holding it apart.

You’re holding it apart when you’re efforting. You’re holding it apart when you’re conniving. You’re holding it apart when you’re manipulating and trying to make it happen.

What you want to do is get into that place of pure appreciation and…
That’s why we say: “Just think of some butterflies and blue glass and feathers for a while and watch the love of your life flow right into your experience.”
That’s the way that it WORKS.

But when you’re focused on the love of your life not being here, when you’re focused on the love of your life not coming; “I really like this person so much who isn’t here”. You don’t mean to do it, but since that’s the current condition….oh oh oh….Since that is the current condition, which you would like to be different, you’re blocking an improved condition by your awareness of the current condition.

Did you hear this? Never said it better…
The WHAT IS is so loud that you can’t allow what you want instead.

So how do you satisfy yourself?

Abraham Hicks, 6/9 2014

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