Enjoy your food, eat in joy! THAT’S the key to the body you desire

Don’t eat healthy food in protest. Eat a “Twinkie” in joy, not guilt.

Abraham Hicks

30 days of choosing to feel good unconditionally

Day 18: Today I choose to feel good! I choose to feel playful and easy-going. I will sparkle my joy all over the place. ♡♡♡

Just stop talking about the issue!!!

“Is there anything that you like that is off that topic? Is there anything that you can focus upon that will let that topic rest? Because if you can let that topic rest, it’ll peter out. If you can let it rest, it will peter out, and it will stop being a player in your point of attraction. But, if you keep talking about it, it will stay alive and it will keep being a player, it’ll stay alive and it’ll keep being a player just like it is, it’ll stay alive and keep being a player.

But the things that don’t feel good to you will never peter out as long as you’re talking about them, as long as you’re thinking about them. They won’t go away. They will stay active, and they will keep saying, “Here’s where you left me. Here’s where you left me. Here’s where you left me. Here’s where you left me. We know you don’t like that, but here’s more, here’s more, here’s more, here’s more.” 

And we know you want to talk about that, but talking about that is not what you want to talk to about because we know you want to get something different than that, and you won’t get something different than that when you’re talking about that. So, you’ve got to find something else to feel about for a while, for quite a while, until it’s natural. 

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go to sleep. Let it become dormant. And you focus on WHO-YOU-ARE, and it is our promise to you, that will come back to you in a way that pleases you. But you can’t get there from there.

So, what is it with you humanoids – we love you so much – that makes you want to hit everything so head on, that makes you just want to wrestle it to the ground and kill it? “I’m gonna sit in this chair and get to the bottom of this,” and we say, “No you’re not because there is no bottom, there is no bottom.” That all you’ll do is practice a vibration that will cause you to come back again and again and again and again and again and again, and we’ll just keep having the conversation over and over and over again because something has to change. There’s something fundamental that has to change. 

Blah blah… blah blah… blah blah… blah blah… blah blah… we’re not kidding you. Talking about the issue, talking about the issue, talking about the issue, talking about the issue, affecting the point of attraction, affecting the point of attraction, affecting the point of attraction. “Abraham, I want a better point of attraction, but I want to talk about the issue.” And we say, “Don’t talk about the issue, it affects your point of attraction.” “Well, I want a better point of attraction, but I want to get there that way.” And we say, “You can’t get there that way! You can’t get there that way!”

You can’t get there that way. You can’t get there that way. You can’t get there that way… You’ve got to find things off that topic that just thrill you to think about them. You’ve got to hold yourself in a vibrational place that you can let that in. But you see what’s happening is that’s coming in based upon these terms, and these terms don’t match what you really want. You can’t justify, rationalize, defend, you can’t explain, you can’t explain your way out of this.

You’re not ever gonna let your desire go but, by not talking about it, you’ll let your resistance about your desire go, and then the vibration of Well-Being… becomes so, so solid that then, that then, then everything that you want about that can flow easily because, because by staying off that subject, this got all cleaned up.

But those things won’t stay active if you don’t keep giving them airtime. They will peter out, you see? So you’ve gotta find things that, that don’t make you feel like that subject makes you feel, and focus upon that until you have maintained for a little while a consistent feeling that feels different, and then everything about that subject that now feels the way you’ve now honed yourself to feel will flow into your experience.”

Abraham Hicks, 8/2 2014

Best day ever ♡♡♡

Today I and my lover decided to do something really fun, we went to a big city in Sweden and checked in to a really cozy hotel. We have enjoyed suchi for lunch ( they have suchi suited for pregnant women), spent the afternoon shopping ( I bought two tops and two skirts) and now we are relaxing at the hotel before we go out again. We will enjoy a delicious dinner out at a wonderful restaurant and I will enjoy a few (non-alcoholic) beers. Best day ever!!!! ♡♡♡

30 days of choosing to feel good unconditionally

I am looking forward to this day! There will be so much to enjoy, so much to choose from, so much variety to expand from.

Day 17: I choose to feel good today. I choose to feel eager anticipation, joyful playfulness and empowered confidence. I choose to feel good.

There is always something that will feel even better!!!

“Do you know there is contrast between something that is so good you can just hardly bear it, and something better?

That’s contrast.”

Abraham Hicks

Fun and easy is the way to go

“You must ask the questions: Is it fun? Is it easy? And when you do, if the answer is, YES and YES!, then that’s the way to go. 

And if it is anything other than that, then the energy isn’t lined up, and any action and effort you put toward it is not worth it anyway.”

Abraham Hicks, 26/5 2007

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