The way to fix it all:

“The way you fix is through the savor. We don’t know of any way to fix your life, or align yourself, or allow your Source, or to achieve what you want—we don’t know of any way to do it other than savoring your way there.”

Abraham Hicks

When someone comes to you complaining:

“We think feeling good should be such a dominant intent that when somebody comes to you complaining, you can say to them, ‘Hey, hey, hey… I love you… good bye!'”

Abraham Hicks, 23/8 2014

No more love drama

“No more “love gone bad”! No more “why did you leave me?”! It´s a matter of understanding your point of attraction, caring about how you feel,
and then just catching the momentum, early.”

Abraham Hicks, August 2014

But my mother/boss/partner is impossible to feel good around!

“(…)the thing that we want you to understand is that her not being around won’t stop the struggle… because the vibration… the struggle… is within you. You’re using the subject of your mother as your reason for the struggle, but… you don’t have to do that. She doesn’t have to cease-to-be, and even if she did cease-to-be here in the physical, your thoughts about her would still cause you struggle. In other words, then it would move into guilt about not having cleaned it up sooner or something, you see?

So, what we want you to hear is that… it isn’t your mother that is the reason for the struggle, it’s something that you are perceiving about her. In most cases, it’s because your mother cares more about you than everybody else put together… usually… though that’s not always the case…

And so, since your mother cares so much about you, she’s focused on you a lot… but, when somebody is focused on you a lot… who is not in alignment with Source… then their focus is uncomfortable, rather than comfortable. In other words, if someone is holding you as their object of attention, and they’re in complete alignment… so they’re just flowing Pure Positive Energy all over you… oh, it just feels so good. But if somebody is not in alignment with Source Energy, and is holding you as their object of attention and – even more – needs you to do something different so that they can feel better… so that’s what happens… it happens with a lot of you.

Your mother – you do it to her, too… you all do it to each other – she wants to feel good, but holds you responsible for a lot of the reason that she doesn’t feel good… and, through the years, you discover that you cannot stand on your head in enough different ways to please her because it was never about you, it was about something else. You were just close and handy.”

Abraham Hicks, 23/8 2014

This condition sucks! – a reliefgiving process

“So here’s your assignment. We know. We never give assignments. But here they are: 

Lighten up!

Stop worrying about everything.

Be nice to yourself.

Esther started a process and it served her so well because she really felt something powerful when we began talking about Unconditional Love.

So something would happen in business or with friends or with family or in her personal experience in some other way. Some condition that wasn’t the way she wanted it to be. So she wrote the condition on the top of the page. This condition sucks!

And then she would ask herself the question. “If this condition were resolved, or if it were not like it is, how would I feel?”

She began writing a few words. “I would feel sure. I would feel better. I would feel clear.”

And then she began realizing that what we were saying to her is, while she does not have the power in this moment to change that condition, she does have the power to demonstrate in her own experience those emotions.

And after a few hundred times of identifying the condition that she was blaming for how she felt, and then just by writing the words fun, clarity, love, freedom, exhilaration. Just writing those general, aligning words she was discovering the emotions that she thought she needed the condition to change in order to accomplish without the condition changing at all.

Unconditional alignment.

That’s freedom.

Humans worry. “Oh, Abraham, you’re just teaching us to put up with stuff we don’t like.” Yeah. But not put up with it. Allow your vibration to be neutral, to be not pushing against it.

To be ripe and ready for the inspiration. Because all those things that you want? All that stuff. And we know you don’t just mean stuff. You mean conditions and you mean all of that. But all of it, you want it because you believe you would feel better in the having of it. And we want you to show yourself that you can feel better without the having of it. And then you have it.

Ah! That is just the trickiest thing.

Esther argued with us about that for about five years. You guys should have set that up better! Are you saying to me that if I really want something, that my desire for something that I don’t have is going to prevent me from it? And I just have to kinda chill out and not try so hard?”

And we say, “Yeah.” You have to find a way not to have active within you your awareness of its absence. Because when your awareness of its absence is the most active vibration you’ve got, you can never receive the revelation or realization.”

Abraham Hicks, 23/8 2014

Approval from God/Source?

“Source does not just approve of you, source ADORES you!”

Abraham Hicks, 23/8 2014

No matter what the negative bodily condition is – you created it and you can let it go

“It doesn’t matter what the subject of resistance is, it will impact the health because you just can’t be pulled apart like that without having some eventual repercussions in your physical body. And while there are some who will say, “Well if you’re worried about this subject it will show up here and if you’re worried about this subject it will show up here.” What we’ve noticed is that the discomfort and the illness or the physical distortion shows up through the Crack of Least Resistance. In other words, whatever things that you’ve been thinking about and beating the drum about, that’s the way it usually shows up. 

We think that it would be a wonderful thing if you could realize, and we’ve been talking about this a lot already, that you are living the result of what you have been flowing. In other words, what-is is the result of how I’ve been flowing the Energy. And the manifestation takes a while in catching up. So even after you begin improving your Vibration about something there is still sometimes some momentum and that causes some confusion because you’ll say, “I thought I had myself turned around on this, but I still have this negative ramification or repercussion.”

And we say well just realize that as you continue to feel better that things will continue to get better. And so then when you realize that the way your physical body feels, once something manifests it is a little bit more difficult to get your mind off of it, especially if it has to do with your physical body, because you’re sort of viewing life through your physical body. The way your physical body feels has a lot to do with how you are approaching life. So you have to find a way where you can separate the action world of what you’re actually living and what’s already manifested from your emotional world. We call it an Emotional Journey that is running concurrently with this Action Journey.

And while you do what you need to do to keep yourself as comfortable as you can in terms of action and in terms of money, paying the bills you can, not spending more than you can afford to spend, doing your best to balance somehow what’s going out and what’s coming in, while you deal with that as best you can, what you really work on is this feeling about finances. 

In other words, you begin saying to yourself, “How do I really feel about money?” And so start a day by saying, “Today I’m going to be particularly aware of how I feel about money.” And then just move through you day. So you’re driving down the freeway and you see a magnificent vehicle that you know costs a lot of money and as you look at it you feel your heart raise a little bit. You feel yourself excited to see it. And you say, “Well that’s an indication that I’m going with the flow relative to the subject money, the subject of money that’s active within me and I feel fine.”

Or let’s say you see a vehicle and there’s a teenager in it and it’s a beautiful Jaguar or something that you’ve had your eye on it and you look at him and you feel discord because you’ve wanted that your whole life and he’s a teenager and he’s already got it and then you think, “His daddy probably bought it for him, the spoiled little brat.” And as you feel that negative emotion within you, you recognize, “Well this is how I’m feeling about money. In other words, I’ve got some sort of lack thing going on.” 

And in the middle of that negative emotion that’s where the greatest work can be done if you’ll be patient with yourself. If when you feel negative emotion you won’t say, “Oh, I shouldn’t feel this negative emotion. I should be ashamed of myself. I need to find some happy thought,” that you don’t have access to. If instead you will say, “How can I soothe this? What can I say about this thought that is clearly active within me — what can I say about it that will make me feel better right here and now?”

So what if you have a manifestation? It just doesn’t matter. At any point you can find the relief in it, but you have to look for it and deliberately reach for the relief.

And this is the thing that most people don’t do. Most people do not deliberately choose thought based upon how they feel, which means most people do not deliberately use their Guidance System to guide their thoughts. Most people just sloppily observe whatever’s happening and then have an emotional response to what happened and then join together with other people who agree. That’s the way most people are living their lives.

So the support groups just continue to attract those that are complaining about the same things, and the joyous groups just continue to attract those that are joyful about the same things, where you have the ability to find yourself no matter where you are in an attitude about something, and you have the ability to stop, reason with yourself and make a choice.”

Abraham Hicks, July 2006

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