Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 22

Today I choose to feel eager and passionate. ♡

Can I have a baby and sleep beautifully every night? YES!!!

Today I read a statement from a beautiful woman who is pregnant. She was worried about the lack of sleep that comes with having a baby. I responded:

Remember that YOU can choose what is true for you. It is not true that you lack sleep just because you have a baby, that is just a practiced belief. Do you want that?

I became a mother on the 14th of August so my baby is now a little more than 2 months old and we have slept beautifully EVERY NIGHT since I gav birth to her.

She sleeps like a baby and she wants to have 2 short meals during the night and she falls a sleep instantly after.  (I breast feed her so it is very easy to just pick her up, she eats about 7 minutes and falls asleep during the 7th minute) It is divine!

Soften your resistant beliefs

“Power of desire is big, but power of desire cannot overcome the resistance of belief. You’ve got to soften the 
belief at the same time that you’re goosing up your desire!”

Abraham Hicks, 11/10 2014

Let your old beliefs fade through lack of attention

“The more you talk about ‘What-Is’, the more you practice the vibration of ‘What-Is’.

Mold your beliefs more in harmony with your desires, let your old-beliefs fade through lack of attention, and what you’ve got going on will peter out, if you stop giving it your attention.

You cannot be a vibrational match to the more of you, when you are a vibrational match to the less of you. If you are focused toward ‘What-Is’, you are regurgitating ‘What-Is’.

Don’t focus on that which you wish to avoid. Saying No to something won’t drive it away, your attention to it, brings it to you.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 21

Today I choose to feel happy and playfully at ease. ♡

All it takes: be sensitive to how you feel and want to feel good!

“In the early days, when we were talking to people about meditation, we said that the reason meditation is a good tool is because you quiet your mind and, when you quiet your mind, you stop thought and, when you stop thought, you stop resistance. So, your shield comes down and you put yourself in a place of allowing, where all that you are wanting can then flow easily into your experience. But the thing that happens in that meditation process – if you continue it – is that you do become more sensitive to resistance.

Well, there are some people that don’t wanna be sensitive to resistance. It’s like the hot stove. “I would just as soon that I don’t feel the hot stove because I can’t stop myself from participating with it. So, either the stove needs to be cooled off or I need to develop some capacity to withstand it because I can’t stop [touching it].” Well, we think you can.

We don’t think you have to embrace painful things. We don’t think you have to continue to give your attention to it. It feels like it sometimes. It feels like the conditions of your life force you to give your attention to it. We know how that feels to you. But you do not have to give your attention to painful things, or to unwanted things. And you don’t have to keep asking the questions that cause you to put your shield up, so you don’t hear the answer, or don’t realize the path to the answer.

So, we want you to be sensitive to how you feel, and we want you to feel good, and that’s it, that’s it. That will take care of everything.”

Abraham Hicks, 11/10 2014

Choosing my mood unconditionally Day 20

Today I choose to feel at ease and empowered. ♡

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