Fun manifestations matching my passion:

When I was out walking a man in a car pulled his car to a hard stop and drove up on the sidewalk infront of me, got out of the car and started asking me out – he said he thought I was so beautiful he just had to try. (I lovingly said no thank you). The same week as I was out walking again another man walked up to me and asked me what my profession was, when I said teacher he asked if I could give him private lessons… (yes I said no thank you to him too). Still the same week as I was out walking again a young man asked me to go out with him for a cup of coffe – he wanted to pay me for going out with him! When I said no he offered more money. All these manifestations happened during one week – I thought it was pretty funny because I had recently fallen in love with a wonderful man and I was radiating that passion all over the place. ♡ ♡ ♡  (And yes I am still with that man I fell in love with)

God/Source is right here with you!

“(…)This is where WE ALL are! You guys have an illusion of us, being somewhere else! It´s so odd, how you keep looking “up” for us.

We´re all right HERE, WITH YOU! We´re in your mind. We´re in your movements. We´re in your body, we´re in your actions. We´re in your tastebuds, we´re in your sensual feelings in your body- we´re RIGHT HERE with you!

We´re in your mind. We´re in EVERYTHING. We´re in everything that exists. Pure positive energy, flowing with you.”

Abraham Hicks, August 2014

The key to everything is in your mood, your vibration!

It takes a while to show yourself- because, words don´t teach- of the leverage of the power of the Universe,

It takes a little while. It takes a little while, to stop trying, because all of you could -with effort- accomplish things over here, in our evolution that we are talking about, you can apply action, and you can apply words, and you can gather together in force, and you can cause construction or destruction- in other words, you can make a lot happen with action.

But compared to the creation that happens, when you get in sync with this energy that creates worlds- those are paltry and not usually very satisfying or longlasting creations.

And so, what we want you all to hear is that…This is a really wonderful conversation that we´re having here,
one that has been long in coming.
Because there is a tendency, as our physical friends listen to us as we talk about finding the feeling place-
or accomplishing a mood, it feels like: “If I don´t DO the things I know how to do, I´m not gonna get the results that I…” in other words, “I can´t just stay home and meditate, Abraham. I have to
go to work. I can´t just vibrate my way into abundance!”

And we say: YES YOU CAN! But if you have been depending in the action and the behavior, then theses words feel like “not enough”.

So, today, we are building a bridge. Between the world of action, that so many of you are joyfully involved in! We think, action is a WONDERFUL thing.
We´re just encouragers of INSPIRED action. Action that comes from the mood of feeling good. Not action that comes from the mood of fearing repercussions when you don´t act.

And so, the bridge that we´re building, the “key”, if you will, to living happily ever after, in the abundance that
you are wanting on all subjects, is:

As you accomplish the management
of your own mood, which means, you are able to translate the vibration of wellbeing which is flowing to you all day, every day in a powerful stream,
as you are able to -maybe you first stumble into it, maybe you meditate your way into it, maybe you are influenced by another into it, but if you find your way into vibrational accord
with this energy of wellbeing- so that your MOOD feels good, and you acknowledge what you did to accomplish that, and you continue to let THAT be, what your deliberate intent to accomplish is:

“I´m gonna accomplish alignment. And see, what comes from that. I´m going to accomplish alignment. And see, what comes from that. I´m going to accomplish clarity. And see, what comes from that. I´m going to accomplish that. THAT´S my goal.
THAT´S what I´m after.”

Then, what happens is, you get another impulse, and another, and another, and before you know it, you´re offering a lot of action! You´re in the right place at the right time. You say the right words to the right person, at the right time.

You are inspired to zig and zag through this diverse Universe, with clear feeling about where to go and when to go-
and what to say, and who to say it to, in other words – you won´t be action-less!

You will be FULL of the delicious action that will be so satisfying, but it will be inspired action, because it is coming unconditionally- from that alignment of WHO YOU ARE.”

Abraham Hicks, December 2014

You don’t have to think about your desires – just chill out and they will come!

“This is a lovely thing, and this is, what´s beginning to happen to a lot of you, ALL of you- where a manifestation happens, and it didn´t feel like you were trying very hard! You said: I don´t think I even wanted it.

And the reason it felt like you didn´t want it, is because you associate wanting, with the stress of yearning for something!

Were, when you find that pure alignment, then the Universe just begins yielding to you- shovels full of manifestations- that have been in your Vortex for a while!

Humans often think, that if they got their sights on something, that they must find a way to think about that thing, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that. And reign it in, as a fish on a line.It´s not like that, at all!

It´s that once you´ve set your sights on it, and it´s in your Vortex- now your work is TO CHILL! NOT to figure out, what the path is! The path is being revealed to you- you just have to figure out how to be receptive about the information of the path!

Can you feel the difference of this?”

Abraham Hicks

Miracles = desire without resistance

“Desire in the absence of resistance
accomplishes what humans wanna call miracles.We wanna call it desire, in the absence of resistance!”

Abraham Hicks, December 2013

The empty feeling cannot be filled with a new parter, only with alignment!

“… A relationship is not about a partnership with another person. 
A relationship is about accomplishing a relationship between you and you and then another person who will enhance that will flow into your experience…

But what we really want to say is you were trying to fill a void with that relationship and until the void is filled don’t look for another one!” 

Abraham Hicks

What other people think about you – irrelevant!

“Wouldn’t it just be great if you could reach the place where you were so in love with yourself that it didn’t matter what anybody else felt in the moment? It’s the up and down of it that makes you nuts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if their opinion didn’t matter to you because you’re so well connected? That’s true freedom, and that’s the basis of the best relationships. 

There’s a lot of stuff in the world that gets in the way of your happiness. But it is because you’ve got your nose in places that it does not belong. You care too much about things that don’t have anything to do with you. And we want to shout so that you’ll hear that what somebody else thinks about you is really not any of your business. It’s not any of your business. Don’t make it your business.”

Abraham Hicks, April 2014

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